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Added 1st April 2012
Hello Richard and Gail - we dined at your Inn a week ago Thursday - it was fabulous - I couldn't find you on Facebook, but if I had, this is what I would have written - can you use this as a testimonial or something?  Not that you probably need it --

Run - Do Not Walk - to the Sun Inn in Winforton!  My husband and I, on a trip from the U.S.,dined there about 9 days ago - and it was absolutely wonderful. ( I should mention that I have a chronic sinus condition that prevents me from smelling anything most of the time - but for some reason I could smell just fine on this trip, so I was especially attentive to my dining experiences)  I had a carrot and orange soup that was so fragrant that it was all I could do to sip it daintily instead of plunging my face into the bowl - and a chicken, ham, and leek pie that was mouth-wateringly aromatic and delicious.  The food was wonderful, and the hosts were warm and inviting.  A great night out!  Thank you, Richard and Gail.  We will not visit England again without making it a point to visit The Sun Inn as well.

Mary Pat Luley
Pittsburgh, PA